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Campden Technologies
International Association for Food Protection
Institute of Food Technologists
International Ozone Association

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Efficacy against Bacteria

Li C-S, Wang Y-C. Surface germicidal effects of ozone for microorganisms. American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal 64(4): 533-537 (2003).

Sharma M, Hudson JB. Ozone gas as an effective and practical antibacterial agent. American Journal of Infection Control 36(8): 559-563 (2008).

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Efficacy against Fungi

Hudson JB, Sharma M. The practical application of ozone gas as an anti-fungal (anti-mold) agent. Ozone: Science & Engineering 31: 326-332 (2009).

Efficacy against Viruses

Hudson JB, Sharma M, Petric M. Inactivation of Norovirus by ozone gas in conditions relevant to healthcare. Journal of Hospital Protection 66 (1): 40-45 (2007).

Hudson JB, Sharma M, Vlmalanathan S. Development of a practical method for using ozone gas as a virus decontaminating agent. Ozone: Science & Engineering 31: 216-223 (2009).

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Food Safety Alerts and Tips
International Association for Food Protection
Food Safety News

Regulatory Resources

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UK Food and Drink Federation Food Safety and Science
US Food and Drug Administration Food Safety Modernization
Food Safety and Inspection Service
FDA U.S. Food and Drug Association
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Food Standards Agency